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Settlement for a charged off account...?

If I have a credit card company that is offering me a settlement for a charge account that has been charged off, and I decide to pay the settlement will they remove this from my credit and allow my Beacon score to increase or how does it work any suggestions?

Settlement for a charged off account...?loan company

yes you should take it. First try to negotiate it down further, there%26#039;s never any harm in that. Next agree to pay the settlement if they agree to provide in writing that the settlement payment pays the account IN FULL. That%26#039;s important because if you pay less than the original debt they, or some attack dog collection agency, can at a later date come after you for the remainder, that%26#039;s been know to happen. Once you pay it off check your credit report to make sure that account has been taken out of collections and reflects paid in full.

Settlement for a charged off account...? loan

Nope. Your score will tank just like you had not paid it at all. So if you settle, settle for as little as possible, and get it in writing before sending money, and they do not get any access to your checking account. Credit card collectors are scum and liars....that%26#039;s their job.|||Go to

this is a site about credit repair and maintenance, I believe that it is possible for you to still save your credit, if you ask them to remove their names off of your credit report, Suze has it on her site about how you should handle the whole situation. good luck.

Do you worry about paying your bills on time?

I always forget about paying my bills that I don%26#039;t see as important like mobile phone bills and internet bills. I put them on the fridge or leave them laying around somewhere and they always go overdue, I don%26#039;t really care because I know they wont cut off my service immediately anyway, for example my internet compant only offers direct debit from credit card to pay my bill. My credit card has only a $200 limit as it is for online purchases and we don%26#039;t want debt so I NEVER know when the net company is going to bill me and pretty much every time they try to take the money it is not in there and I fix them up a week later when they try again. Is this slackness going to affect us in a negative way?

Do you worry about paying your bills on time?commericial loan

I only worry about having money to pay my bills on time...want to lend me some of that 200,000.... :)

Actually, I keep a very detailed account of my spending each month. Before the new month (I already have September laid out) I create a list of what bills will need to be paid, when they are due, how much the monthly payment is, and if I have a total amount due (in the case of cc) I include that. As soon as I pay one off, I cross it off the list with a red marker. Once the payment clears with my bank, I put an X next to it.

Your habits will only affect you in the long run (as the first poster explained.) I know you are going to be getting a house, but for me (in an apt.) if I am late on my cable, phone, electricity, etc. it is grounds for them to terminate my lease. Also, if you were to let your phone bill go for a while, they can cancel your contract and demand full payment at once or they will pass it along to a collection agency (and that has happened to me as well....)

Do you worry about paying your bills on time?


Yes overtime this will become habitual and will extend to other areas of your life.

Best way to do, say you are paid on 30th of every month, call up your gas company, electricity company, internet company, phone company, water company etc, and say, look, I am paid 30th of every month, I want to pay your bills immediately when I get paid. Instead of paying overdue bills, you are always on time, and you can pay by internet banking / phone banking in one go and you know you have enough money to cover your bills. The left over will be the real money left for you to save / spend.|||Thanks for reminding me. I have to go pay my phone bill|||Every time you are late on a bill you are hurting your credit score which will effect you later on in life

How can I earn money using the internet from home?

I don%26#039;t want the scam referral sites that request you complete offers and submit your credit card (regardless if they say free 7 day trial...why the credit card then?)

How can I earn money using the internet from home?emergency loan

It is actually possible to make money on the internet / work from home. Here is an article that discusses it truthfully -

General piece of advice - do not pay anyone to give you the %26quot;opportunity%26quot; to take surveys, read email or surf the web.

How can I earn money using the internet from home?


Have you seen HERO%26#039;S???|||ANOTHER ROCK?

SPAM ROLLING|||Well I have found a new site which pays you for just surfing the internet. You also get paid for the commission of every new visitors upto 3 Levels. You dont need to spend a single penny . So its all risk-Free.

Just click here|||Read this blog.

I have received payments from each of the sites listed in it !|||Check these tutorilas about making money online.|||The best site I have found is cash crate. Never ever do anything that asks for money upfront! Cash crate is a place where you get paid to do surveys/questionnaires or you can sign up for free offers. It can be a little repetitive filling out offers, but you can make anywhere from $40 - .40 per survey or offer you do. You get paid once a month as long as you earn over $10 a month. On average I make $12 an hour. You can sign up here if interested. http://www.*************/index.php?ref=1...

This is the most honest site I have found. It tells you up front exactly what is required for each survey or offer. Some offers may require a credit card to sign up, but it tells you ahead of time so you don%26#039;t waste your time filling out stuff. Unlike sites like panda research they wait until you fill everything out and then say oh you need a credit card. Now only a few require credit cards. I personally prefer to do the surveys, they are quick and the money adds up fast. They also have monthly contests where you can win more money! No I don%26#039;t guarantee you can quit your job, but it will bring in a few hundred a month if you do one hour a day! Referral program where you can earn 10-20%. Also, they have a list of online stores you can shop at and earn cash back, from 5-100% back. Even is on their list!

I am paying a car off. Is this the right way to go about it?

My daughter had to have a car after high school to be able to get to a job. She found the job, and there was no other way for her to get a car unless I funded the vehicle loan. We tried and I could not even listen to the swindlers in the payday loan business.

I recieved an offer on my Chase credit card for 4.6% until the balance is paid in full, so I bought her a $4,500 toyota with the card and she has remained faithful paying me $80 every 2 weeks.

We live in the middle of no where, so she had to have something reliable to drive to her Walmart job 25 miles away.

I was nervous about loaning her such a large sum of money, but the alternative was to watch her do nothing.

My daughter does not know I am paying $300 every 2 weeks along with the $80 she gives me on this car to get it paid off.

Did I do the right thing? She just lost her job at Walmart for starting a relationship with her manager. She has an interview at JC Penny. I was a single mother and her dad does not help her

I am paying a car off. Is this the right way to go about it?credit bureau

Auto finance is what I do for a living and I agree with john m.

Stay on your daughter and make sure she repays you in full.

From what you say, it seems your daughter sometimes doe%26#039;s not make sound decisions. Do not bail her out.

I am paying a car off. Is this the right way to go about it?


I think you are ebing the best parent you can be. I wouldn%26#039;t tell her that you have been paying on it though. Make sure she thinks it is her responsibility to pay it off in full. I would give her an ultimatum also. If she can%26#039;t get a job and pay for it she doesn%26#039;t get to keep the car it becomes yours. That way she knows you mean business and your not just giving it to her.|||Why are you paying such a large amount each month.

Extend to loan term and although you may pay more interest you can at least afford the payments.

Talk to the credit card company they will be eager to assist.

Good Luck|||It%26#039;s certainly not my place to tell you if you did right or not. I will say that I believe you%26#039;re handling the car%26#039;s financing well. I would also recommend that you stay on your daughter to make sure she repays you the full balance. There is no value in being carried along at her age. She needs to build confidence in her ability to take care of herself.

I%26#039;ll bet you%26#039;re a good mom.|||Hi,

Hi, you should go for a refinancing to get a better interest rate. This will reduce your monthly commitment to a great extent. You can visit for some useful tips. Good luck!|||keep paying ,do not let her know. when the credit card is paid off. keep collecting from her till her note is paid off she needs to learn responsibility.|||You are doing it out of love but I think it is not an intelligent idea.

Settlement Debts OR Bankruptcy?

I just accepted an offer to settle a credit card debt, at the end of the disclaimer, they slipped in that the IRS would be sending a letter because the portion not paid due is now taxable. And at first, I was understanding that on my credit report it would say %26#039;account settled for a lesser amount,%26#039; that this was not to be a negative mark, but I was told that it will in fact leave a negative mark. So my question is should I consider filing bankruptcy instead of taking the option for settlement, then get taxed on the remaining amount from IRS?

Settlement Debts OR Bankruptcy?child tax credit does not really benefit you to pay debt that is already listed as negative on your credit report. Although the debt is old, you are still legally responsible for it. Ch. 7 bankruptcy may be an option for you as it will erase the negative charged off debt and help with you debt to income ratio. Despite what some of the responders may say, you can recover from bankruptcy. It is possible and easy to reestablish and obtain credit after bankruptcy. Hoped this helped.

Settlement Debts OR Bankruptcy? loan

If you file chapter 7 you will not be billed by the IRS on credit card debt. They will bill you if you have borrowed a second mortgage and then defaulted. A bankruptcy won%26#039;t be much worse on your credit than a settlement.|||i don%26#039;t know about the bankruptcy part. as for the settlement, if the settlement is greater than $600 (i think), than you%26#039;ll get a 1099. you%26#039;ll need to report that as income to the irs. depending on your tax situation %26amp; deductions, it may be to your benefit.

from personal experience, i received 1099 totaling $7000; however, because of my tax situation %26amp; itemized deductions, it only cost me $500--meaning my refund was reduced by $500.

good luck

What payment options does Gateway offer?

I want to order a laptop from and all they mention is credit card. I tried chatting with a sales person but he/she couldn%26#039;t help me. Do you know what payment options do they offer at besides credit card. I don%26#039;t feel like using my credit card online right now.

What payment options does Gateway offer?mortgage lenders

You can apply for Gateway%26#039;s credit financing when you place your order online. I think it%26#039;s through Citibank.

Where can i get a free wii without being 17 yet?

i went to and free nintendo but i have to pay for an offer or have a credit card were can i go to get one without the hassle

Where can i get a free wii without being 17 yet?unemployment rate

Go to someones house and steal it.

Where can i get a free wii without being 17 yet? loan

agree with the first guy... No one is just going to hand out a free Wii. And the online ads for a free anything is a ridic. gimick that makes you go around in circles and you end up with a bunch of spam...

just save some money.|||theres always a catch there is no way in hell someone would give away anything for free ( unless it was completely useless)

so stop being so cheap and just stop dreaming cos u aint gonna get a free wii|||Nobody ever gives out a wii for free.|||Keep in mind that those free* wii offers have so many strings attached, you might as well save your dimes and buy one|||same as all the other answers|||Um...............if you have to pay for an offer, it%26#039;s not free. You%26#039;d end up spending more on %26quot;offers%26quot; than you%26#039;d pay if you just bought the console. And giving some random website your credit card number is one of the dumbest things you could ever do.

You%26#039;re not going to get a free Wii unless you win one from a contest or someone gives it to you as a present. I don%26#039;t know of any legit contests that are giving away Wiis right now.|||This site is great for getting a free wii from!! Also you dont need to have a credit card to do the offers as there are loads of cell phone offers on there!!

This site is open to BOTH UK AND USA RESIDENTS!

When you sign up, DONT do any offers until you get to your account page, because only the offers in your account count. The offers during the sign up process dont count, if you need any help message me!


These sites work because the referral sites get paid a commission by the sites you do the offer on and with this money they buy your gift and have enough money left over to have as profit for them!!

If in doubt check freepay on wikipedia, they%26#039;ve been trading for years and are a legit company.